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Found 15 results

  1. Hi Guys, just wondering if it was possible to script an asset scan/upload in hornbill at all ? just trying to find a quicker/simplier way to get our assets uploaded and listed rather than having a manual entry, or having to do a mass upload every X period.. is it possible to do a script to scan an AD OU for anything "new" and interogate the WMI Data to fill in the required fields before upload into Hornbill ?
  2. Hi All, I've been working on PowerBI recently and really like the way you are able to pivot on data points. As all our calls/tasks are managed through Hornbill, I was wondering if there was a way to output this data automatically in to PowerBI. I currently have reports generated monthly as a pdf and understand I can change this to CSV, then upload it to PowerBI which would work but I would like to automate it more than this - rather than have to upload it manually. As I understand it, Hornbill backend is an SQL database so if there was a way to point PowerBI at this to pull from (pos
  3. We think this issue started after we updated to Service Manager 1667 on 10th September. When we go into our Business Processes to any Hornbill Automation node set up to do Requests > Get Request Information > (any option chosen), the Output Params / Context Reference section is not editable. See attached example on the BPM Data Proection Data Breach v3.0 If another Requests 'type' is chosen (e.g. Update Request) normal update options are available. Please advise what the issue is and how it can be resolved.
  4. Hi, I'm currently trying to create a path way that automatically notifies a different email and path should a request be logged outside of 09:00- 7:00. The time logged variable is available form the global flow codes, however it does not appear to work using a greater than & less than equation. I assumed maybe its due to the format in which the system records time, however i cannot see this anywhere, as there is no time logged variable in the email templates, only date logged - which also provides time. The logic of using 'or' defeats the point, but when using 'and', whic
  5. I thought I would post a quick preview of an upcoming feature of our business process tool. We are expanding its capability to include a new "Web Call" node. This new node will enable you to make calls to other systems or cloud services applications via restful API's which significantly expands your options for automation of business processes that need to interact with other systems. My goal as the architect for our platform technology has always been to keep the BPM 100% code free so that process managers do not have to have a programming background in order to make effective use of
  6. Why do people struggle to follow processes? Many a great manager has asked themselves the time-honored question; How do you make people follow procedures and not miss things?  Having more or less documented the processes, and having put them into your knowledge base tool, and having created internal training courses to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures and so on.  Despite all this effort, still the most basic things get missed. There is no glaring flaw in the process, and it seems random, sometimes its done, sometimes not, and when you ask why (assuming you or someone els
  7. Hi, Is it possible to add the CC Address in the list of available fields for emails routing rules? That would be quite useful for us. Thanks, Lyonel
  8. Hi, me again, As I mentioned a few times before, I use automation when an email is received to update the request it is related too. When this happens, only the text is copied to the timeline. We lose all formatting, tables and screenshots. This forces our analysts to go back to the original email, which is an issue as not all analysts have access to the mailboxes. Would it be possible to improve this feature and keep the formatting of the email in the timeline post? I do understand how complicated this can be, but you guys are good I am sure you can figure something out.
  9. Hi again, Is there a setting we can use to decide how the system should behave when dealing with email attachments received? I use the automation to automatically update requests when an email is received (and the request reference is in the title). But at the moment no attachment is added to the request and analysts have to go back to the original email... Having a switch in the settings would be quite handy If it does not exist, could we have one? Thanks!
  10. Would it be possible to format the resolution text? At the moment, only simple plain text can be used, which is not very user friendly, especially when sent by email via BPM. Having the ability to format the text and include screenshots would be a big improvement! Especially when using a FAQ to resolve a request. If the FAQ used contains a screenshot or formatting, all of this is lost in the automation process. Same thing happens when sending an email via BPM after resolution. Any feedback would be appreciated Thanks!
  11. Hi all, Is there a way of automating reports at all? I was hoping to be able to email certain reports at certain times of the day / week / month like we could in Supportworks I was also hoping to be able to lock reports to a role or user name but I don't seem to be able to do that either As it is Friday I may just be having brain issues though. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Dan
  12. Hornbill iBridge for Linode Hornbill's iBridge is a great way to integrate with Linode, a cloud based solution for creating and managing virtual Linux servers. Between Hornbill's Keysafe and Linode's API Key a secure connection can be made between the two. Once done, you are able to use the Hornbill Business Process management for the orchestration of your Linode servers. Easily process requests from users requiring a linux server with a fully automated integration node. From a simple request submitted by a user, the Business Process workflow can automate the creation of a Linode
  13. Hi guys, Following yesterday's Hornbill Insight 2017 event, I would like to follow up on a topic we discussed: Emails, attachments and automation. Just to give you an idea of the situation, here is the first few records of a query I ran on the system: SELECT h_request_id, count(h_pk_id) as total FROM h_itsm_requests_attachments group by h_request_id order by 2 desc Now if we look at the first request, you can clearly see we have a problem... And that particular incident is still open! Now I do appreciate this is an extreme example BUT the point remains as you
  14. INTEGRATION: Business Application and IT Automation At the beginning of 2017 we decided to introduce a development theme to focus on IT and Business Systems automation.  As I was investigating what we needed to do I very quickly realised there was a lot of conflicting terminology so our starting point was to establish clear terminology around which we could anchor our internal conversations. If you are involved in product creation don’t under-estimate just how important this step is to get right, you will be surprised what seems so obvious actually isn’t. It turned out prett
  15. Guest


    Hi, I've been looking at Webhooks and it seems very simple to set up - i.e. I've been able to call a webhook in requestb.in quite easily whenever an incident is created. What I'd like to know is if I can call a webhook from a specific point in a business process workflow. For example, when a P1 priority is set in our Incident business process, it does a number of things, e.g. email the Major Incident Managers, post to a P1 workspace, update the P1 board. What I'd also like to do is call our SMS sending service, which has a webhook API that can be called. Is this possible? Many t
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