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  1. Thanks James. another idea i had was creating an Asset as part of a call.. We have a "New Server" request process in Hornbill which asks questions about a new server build, is it possible that the data entered could be used to build the server, so that a server is requested, and the asset is built at that stage ? obviously if the build request is denied we will need to delete the asset, but that can be part of the process ? is this possible ??
  2. Hi Guys, just wondering if it was possible to script an asset scan/upload in hornbill at all ? just trying to find a quicker/simplier way to get our assets uploaded and listed rather than having a manual entry, or having to do a mass upload every X period.. is it possible to do a script to scan an AD OU for anything "new" and interogate the WMI Data to fill in the required fields before upload into Hornbill ?
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