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Available Display Columns - Time Spent


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Kind of jumping on the bandwagon with this, as I can see people are asking for additional columns.  Would it be possible to add a column for Time Spent, to save me opening each call to see how long the analyst took to resolve a call?

I have reports that will give me the information on a daily basis, however when I'm quickly looking through my teams workload it would be useful to quickly see how much time was spent.

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@Ann-MarieJones thanks for the suggestion. 

We are looking to make available in the next Service Manager update the ability for each agent to further customise their personal views on the request list and fro the to be able to:

* Include and use values held in the custom fields of requests

* Set column header values for these custom fields

This won't address your requirement however but we are always looking to see how we can make more options available on the request list / views. 

To provide what you require here, involves a number of small changes to be made.  We have created a story for this and as it is scheduled and progressed we will post back here.


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