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Allow assignment of BPM tasks but not requests


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Hi all,

Is it possible to have a team that is able to be assigned BPM tasks, but not requests?

Scenario - I want anyone in the IT Service Desk (parent) team to be able to complete a task within a particular BPM regardless of whether they're in 1st line team or 2nd line team.

I know there's a Advancedtaskcompleter setting, but I don't want to allow them to complete tasks for other BPMs.

Thanks in advance

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You could give all members a role of say IT Service Desk Team Member and then assign the tasks to the role. 

Anyone with that role can then complete it. Or you could add them all to a team and assign the tasks to the team ('Group' within the human task node assignment field). 

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@dwalby as Dan suggests, no reason not to create a different organisational grouping, does not have to be a team grouping or a role and then assign to the role or grouping.  

If this was not a Team grouping then they would not appear to have any requests assigned to them in the assignment of request options. 

Also if you only had certain teams supporting services, then if this team was not supporting given services, they would not be able to be assigned requests logged against services they do not support

Hopefully a number of options for you to consider


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