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New Activity - capture custom field?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm taking a look at the new 'experimental' Activities and am trying to capture data from a task and adding that data to a custom field.

Here are my settings:






But when I then try to find the data from h_custom_p in the ticket, it's not there. 

Am i doing something wrong? Or is there another way of getting this information from the Activity? 





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Hi @Paul Alexander you can't use field mapping in the task custom question field id, however you can still get what you need.

After your task node, if you use the Variable Picker on say the update request > custom field you can find the relevant task, and under the task in the details you will see your custom questions which you can then inject or overwrite into the custom field, or any other update option


In addition you can also evaluate the answer to custom questions from tasks in Custom Expressions by again using the variable picker to choose the relevant task and custom question - in my example below When to follow up with the supplier? is a custom question on a specific task


Hope this helps



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