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Request focus not correct

Steve Giller

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My Reprographics Team have noticed that their Requests remain focused on the Update icon, rather than the relevant one.
This is not a major issue, apart from it is causing confusion on the initial receipt of the job, where they're used to the Request being focused on the Assign icon and having it on Update makes it look like it has already been assigned.

It was only reported today, coinciding more or less with the latest update, but I can't guarantee that it didn't occur earlier and they've only just noticed/reported it!

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This issue has resolved itself - however I'm still getting the issue where the decision nodes appear to be comparing the 'description' rather than the 'value' of a ProCap answer.

Request: SR00035764
Flow: DC Reprographics Request

If you see on the questions, the given answer for 'Delivery Required' was 'I need my printing delivered' but when the decision node 'Delivery Required?' was reached the 'No Match' branch was followed.
I have changed the expression to test for 'yes' (the value) OR 'I need my printing delivered' (the description) and this has resolved the issue - hence my feeling that the wrong data is being compared (see my other thread)



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