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Does anyone know if its possible to switch service after an Incident or Service Request has been logged.



Our Service Catalogue is really large and when you see all these services on our Portal its clear users will get extremely confused by this. Ideally we would like two services available in the portal, one around 'I Need Help' for Incidents and one around 'I want to request something' for Service Requests, which capture some high level details, log in our system for our analysts to then pickup and route down the correct (More complex) Services the incident or Service Request is linked too.


Does anyone know if this is possible

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Best option I found is to use the "linked services" option - so I resolve the incorrect request and create a new one. Using the link request option copies most of the data into the new request - but you can choose the correct service.

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I would agree with @nasimg that at the moment, raising a linked request is the most appropriate way to raise something under a different Service.  

I also think that minimizing the number of services and having each service provide a clear description or purpose for that service.  It can be easier for the user having minimal services and then a few Request Catalog Items under each Service.  In some cases you can get away with a single service called something like IT Services  and then have a two request catalog items available to the user for either I need help or I want something.   You could then evolve this one service to include more specific Request Catalog Items. 

I would then move onto additional Services when there is a distinct area that requires unique management in regard to support teams, SLAs, reporting, subscriptions.  To being with this may be higher level services such as IT, HR, Professional Services, Projects, etc.   Names like these with supporting descriptions will help guide the users to the correct place.  I've seen some service catalog examples where there are services for things like Printer Service, Phone Service, Desktop Service, Software Service, which are valid but very granular.  If you were to look at all these services and find that they are running the same SLAs, the same support teams, the same subscriptions, it might be better to merge these under one service and then work with request catalog items and categorisation instead.

There is no right or wrong way and each environment will be different so it can sometimes just be a matter of starting simple and building up over time to reflect the needs of the business.

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I spoke with @Samrai and @Paul Davis yesterday and discussed the possible of having an option to override the BPM to force this sort of change. Appreciate a lot of things my not work (progressive capture) etc but I think its one of those things that is more helpful for us - especially where the I know analyst will rarely do something that takes an additional 2-3 clicks (if its not really causing a big issue to them). 

The bigger issue here is the reports for Service Requests and Incidents

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Hi both,


Thanks for the input on this topic and sorry for not replying sooner. Using the linked Request option sounds like a good avenue to explore but would an End user be able to see these Incident or Service request in the 'All My Requests' section of the portal if the Services are not visible to them on the portal?

I know I have around ten tickets which are in my name within Service Manager but I've hidden all services in the portal When I then navigate to " All My Request" within the portal I cant see any of my tickets. If I look at "my Staffs request" though I can see these even though these services are missing.

Essentially what we are looking to do is launch our self-Service portal to our End users but only so they can track the progress of their Incident and Service Requests,. We do not want them logging anything at this time. I can see all my staffs open tickets fine, without the Services being visible on the portal but I cant see mine. Is there a way to replicate and adapt the query that is being used to look at "My Staffs requests" for "My Requests"?






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