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  1. The behaviour noted above is, of course, a product defect and is believed to have been an issue that has been around for some time and not introduced by the last update of the Service Manager application. This would mean that the issue was gone unnoticed until very recently. One reason why this might might be the case is that the issue is only seen if the owner of the request is the one to view the request and only then if there is not an update for them to read. In other words, if the request owner either opens the request to perform an action (and so legitimately causing the Last Updated fie
  2. Hi, the location information has always been presented and you can see where you last reported it from the Settings page in your Buzz. Users can disable or restrict its reporting from their mobile device. In the case of an iPhone, from Settings>Privacy>Location Services. More information at https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Hornbill_Mobile
  3. Back in April we took the step of postponing the introduction of automated updates for Hornbill applications because of the impact and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. This past three months has been extraordinarily difficult for everyone and whilst there are no doubt still challenging times ahead, we believe that it is now appropriate to revisit this and have set a new date of July 12th for it to come into effect. By way of a reminder, this change means that all new updates across the whole Hornbill service (and not just those of the Hornbill Platform and Administrative tool, as today) wi
  4. The RCA for this issue is as follows:Around 12:30 BST on Wednesday last week, a small number of Hornbill customers were impacted by an issue that left them without access to Hornbill Service Manager for up to three hours. Full service was restored to those customers, and a fix has since been deployed to prevent any further occurrence of this issue. The issue was not caused by any application or platform update, but was the result of a pre-existing problem with our SaaS configuration management system.The issue was ultimately identified as being caused by incorrect handling of a database commun
  5. Hi @Trevor Tinsley Sorry, I missed your question until it was just now pointed out to me. The delivered changes for Hornbill Platform and Application builds will continue to be communicated via the Announcements section in the Customer Forums and also can be found under the Latest Changes tile from Home>System. There is not advance notice, which I think you were asking about, and no formalised release schedule, as in keeping with the continuous delivery approach. That said, a 90-day view of Development work is though provided for the Service Manager application on the Success Portal fo
  6. We recently communicated directly by email to all our customers to provide an update on this topic. I will take the opportunity to follow-up here for those who may have not seen this or other forum users who are not our registered contacts. Although responses to this capability have been universally positive, we also received feedback that expressed concern about such a significant change being implemented at this very difficult moment in time. Upon review and taking your feedback into consideration, we have taken the decision to delay this rollout until the end of June. We apprecia
  7. @nasimg A support request has already been raised and I believe one of the team has reached out to you. Our cloud team (and Support) are currently looking into this. Indications at this stage don't point to other customers being impacted.
  8. One element of our vision for Hornbill has been the elimination of the dreaded software upgrade that is typically both expensive and time consuming for customers. Being a solution operating in, and built for, the cloud, enabled us to adopt an agile development process that supports continuous delivery. Essentially, this means that Hornbill takes on new updates both regularly and seamlessly in the background and crucially, without you having to lift a finger. Up until this point, we have only been able to deliver on this vision for some elements of the solution, such as the Hornbill Platform it
  9. @Stephen.whittle Congratulations and great to hear! I'm sure you'll get a response from others successfully using Service Manager outside of IT, but in any case I'll be in touch to see how you are getting on and to help out where we can.
  10. Hi @Trevor Tinsley , firstly I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and others affected by the outage this morning, especially anyone else who also had annual leave disrupted. In respect to the this particular question, it is possible to view the support requests across the organisation in the Customer Portal and this is outlined here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Contacts#Customer_Portal . Obviously, in this case, the setting is on our very own Customer Portal and so it is our configuration that needs to be changed. We provide access to see each customer contact's own request
  11. Hi @Steven Cotterell, sorry you are experiencing this problem and I'm sure that someone will be in touch here in due course. We provide the support-by-forum-only option for those customers that do not wish to incur the additional cost of, or have no need for an enhanced success plan, like Premier Success. This option though does not come with any service levels and so Hornbill does not commit to any timeframe for a response. Usually, you will find that someone does post a reply in a quick fashion, but obviously when something untoward is spotted, that is likely to not be fast enough for those
  12. @Izu You will only trigger an update if you actually click on the "Update" button itself. Clicking on the app icon in the centre of the tile will only open the page I showed in my first post above.
  13. Unless others want to advocate strongly for this, this additional capability seems a nice-to-have, as opposed of providing something that is really needed. Ostensibly, the benefit would be to give prominence to those requests that are resolved/closed, but this is also easily achieved from the request list filter at the top of the list. Granted, this facility is not available for lists created from customised views, but then it might seem that adding this ability (filtering on request state) in customised views would be more beneficial then adding the requested capability. Personally, I would a
  14. @Izu You can update to the latest build from the Administration Tool and from there see that the latest build is Build 1408 (see attached screenshot). I can see that you are not on the latest build, but this can be readily applied and should take less than a minute to complete. If you have experienced any problems with an update, as you have subscribed to an enhanced Success Plan, you can raise these issues at https://www.hornbill.com/support . Any issues with or following an update are treated as a high priority with appropriate service levels. It is not possible to revert to a previous buil
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