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New Email View - Turn it off?

Josh Bridgens

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@Victor I'm sorry to tag you like this however after Applying the recent update and checking everything, It didn't seem to be making any changes that would cause any harm (admittedly my fault, I pushed the update)


However it seems to have changed to this, which I cant find a way to change this back....


Any help.. please?

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@Josh Bridgens @lokent We have a wiki page that explains a little bit more about this functionality https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Email_Action_Item

Under the Email Template section, you can enable the  app.email.request.operation.templateSelectable setting so that analysts can choose different templates. But as to whether you can switch that off altogether, let me find out and get back to you



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Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I would be interested to understand more about the particular concerns with this change.  While we have received some negative feedback, the majority have been very positive, but we do want to get a better understanding of the bits that customers don't like. This was one of our highest requested changes from our customers which combines the ability to allow for rich text editing, copy and paste of images, and full visibility of the email before it is sent to help ensure that the information in the variables have been correctly populated and also the option to select from different email templates

There are a few things that have already been mentioned to us that we are looking to improve, the first being a better indication that the email has been sent, rather than just reloading the email template back in after sending.

This particular feature does not have an option to turn it off, but if there are particular concerns or issues that you can share with us, we can look to improve on this.  It might be that you prefer the simplicity of how it was before and if that is the case we can look at how we can provide a more simplistic view.



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Hi @James Ainsworth


Thank you for coming back to us so quickly.

I think the major "gripe" with this is that it USED to be a lot easier for the people who are not working with the "back end" of Service Manager, the typical user was more than happy looking at the email icon, clicking into it, writing what they want to say and being content that it has been sent with the house style that our users have come accustomed to.

Not much extra effort is required and I can see the added benefits of this system, however... In my personal opinion, the option to create templates that auto fill with information is a much better idea than having users adjust the template themselves... It seems like a bit of a step backwards.

I hope that is a fair comment :D



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For us, it's primarily about simpicity - we use snippets within the team to ensure a consistent response regardless of which member of our services team responds. The new form is too detailed and editable for us unfortunately. If we could have the choice of using the original or the new form within teams, that would be great.

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