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Contact Search not working


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I'm trying to set up a progressive capture that our sales department can use in the service portal to create tickets on behalf of an external customer.

The scenario being if an account manager overhears the customer complaining about something, rather than telling them to go to our customer portal and create a ticket, they go to the service portal right after the visit to the customer and open a request on thir behalf.

The sales people would be basic users.

Attached is my test PCM.

When I open a ticket from the service portal I expect the Contact Search form to open but it goes straight to request details.

Basic user has the roles: Basic User Role, Hornbill Authorised Guest, Anonymous Guest and Self Service User.

What am I missing, or have I totally misunderstood the function of the Contact Search form?


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The functionality mentioned by @DeadMeatGF is still the case if a user tries to raise a request from the service portal.  As the user is already logged in as a user and has selected a service, these progressive capture forms are bypassed in order for the user to not have to fill in their own name when raising a request.

You could consider creating a Request Catalog Item that is only available to your Sales team that contains a custom form where they can specify the name of the contact that they are raising the request on behalf of.  Once raised, the support teams could take the appropriate actions to reassign to the contact.

I have also seen examples of Conditional Progressive Capture Questions that only show if you are a user.  This may allow you to re-use the same progressive capture that you use for your customers (contacts) for the sales staff to raise on behalf of a contact.  A Conditional question could be used to capture the contact's name and organisation name and then the support staff again can take appropriate action to make sure the request is redirected to the contact.



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