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URGENT: Cannot login to Hornbill

P. Nordqvist

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@P. Nordqvist  - firstly, apologies for the service disruption which occurred in your instance this morning. We have conducted an RCA for this issue and our conclusion is the following:
Last night, following an unhandled operating system crash on the server where your instance processes were running, a file continuing the sequence status information for an auto sequence that is used for session creation was corrupt, preventing new sessions from being created. Every time we write this file we back up the previous version, this turned out to be corrupt also demonstrated there is a problem with our implementation that manages writing this file to disk. We do not expect the operating system to fail in this way and we do not have a specific indication yet as to why it failed in the way it did. The investigations are ongoing as we do the following things

  • Monitor this with more scrutiny and extended logging to capture more information should this event occur again.
  • We are reviewing the code that deals with writing the autoval state file to see if we can make this more resilient to such an OS failure in the future
  • We are improving the error reporting to make it easier to find the problem should it ever re-occur.
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