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  1. Hi, Currently we get an error message every time we open (not create, just open to view) a call in Service Manager. No matter if it is a Service Request, Incident or Change. It seems it doesn't impact the functionality but for sure it is not looking good. I can't say when this started, if it was after the nightly update or before that. Can someone please let me know what to do. Kind Regards Per
  2. Hi, I can confirm this is now working since some weeks. Is there a chance to make a mass update on calls not having the Catalog in the table? The reason thy I ask is because we have a bit more than 1000 calls where this information is missing. Kind Regards Per
  3. Thanks for the info guys, I will review this on new calls coming in and provide you with an update. Cheers
  4. Hi, We are logging many of our calls using the Email Routing Rule Templates. Now I have created a Report in Service Manager to show on which Catalogs we log our requests. Then I discovered that all requests logged via the user System AutoResponder have NULL in the Catalog column in the database. Catalog ID is populated but it doesn't really help me to create a readable report. Kind Regards Per
  5. Many thanks! After the last update it works as expected.
  6. Hi, After the update tonight we are not able to add/change owner of assets any more. When you start to type the name in the owner field no search is taking place. This works for the user property. Kind Regards Per
  7. Thank you @James Ainsworth, Make sense. Now I at least know I am not stupid nor our instance have an issue. Kind Regards Per
  8. Thanks to you both @Victor and @Mohamed, The Assets Summary works perfect. Will be appreciated by our service desk people. Would be nice to have the Assets Summary view also in Configuration Manager as well (instead of the Details view on the right side) Kind Regards Per
  9. Hi, I saw there was a change that enables you to create a summary area for assets in the new release this week. NEW: Assets - Create a summary area per asset with key (customer definable) fields {CH00132408} What does this mean and how shall this be used? In general I think it is pretty hard to understand the change log for new releases as the information provided is often too little. Wouldn't it make sense to at least have a link for new features where you can get more information how this can be used? Kind Regards Per
  10. I just made a quick check of the 19 hits I get when searching for my User ID. All of the hits have my name printed anywhere in the description. My feeling is simply that owner ID nor customer ID is indexed at all in our instance.
  11. Hi @James Ainsworth, Then I don't get it. In the example I provided above I use my user ID "nordqvist" for the query as you can see in the screenshots and I only get 19 hits from the database. I guess owner ID is the same as User ID in this case? What am I then doing wrong?
  12. Hi, I have a request regarding the global search for requests as I don't understand the result I am getting back. According to the WIKI https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Global_Search_for_Requests I should be able to use the search bar to find owner of requests. In this example I search for my own name and I expect to find all requests where I am the owner plus a lot more where my name has been mentioned in any of the other fields like summary, description and so on but I ONLY get 19 hits. With another query specifying me as a single owner with a simple word in the search bar I
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