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Problem with custom fields on some tickets?

Paul Alexander

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we've got some tickets which have been logged today which don't seem to have pulled in the custom field data. (For anyone who can see it,  some call refs are SR00053981 and SR00054053).

We've only noticed these because one of them sends an email with data drawn in from the custom fields, but these fields are showing as {{.H_custom_n}} (for instance) when the question which SHOULD be in this custom field HAS definitely been filled out in the progressive capture (the data is showing in the questions tab of the ticket).


This is causing one or two problems....so could someone  let me know if this is something going on on our instance please? Other tickets of the same type ARE being logged and updated correctly so it's a bit intermittent....





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We have a similar or same problem.

We have fields in custom forms named (field ID)  h_summary and h_description, prior to 1306 these automatically populate summary and description in the request. This is no longer the case.

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3 minutes ago, Paul Alexander said:

Cheers @Victor....on a POSSIBLY related topic....in the request list, all the 'owners' names are now showing as the analyst's username (AlexpandrP for instance) where I'm SURE that a few minutes ago it was showing as their 'name' (Paul Alexander).......is this related?! 



And by AlexpandrP I obviously mean AlexanderP - I CAN spell my own name...honest....

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