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Problems Setting up Customer Portal


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I've spent some time reading the wikis and various forum posts but I'm still having problems with the customer portal and any help would be appreciated.

Basically, I've created  a contact and they are assigned to an organisation which is subscribed to a service yet when they log into the customer portal the only option they have is to view / change their profile or log out.  There is no list of open tickets and no option to log a ticket.  One of the open tickets is logged against this contact.  I have also set the contact to be able to view the organisations requests so I would've expected them to be able to see all tickets.

The service has had portal visibility enabled however it has no catalogue items against it.

What am I missing to enable them to log tickets and view existing tickets?



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Hi Martyn

Thanks for the suggestion although those icons are only available on catalogue items.

I haven't seen it stated anywhere that catalogue items are required when setting up access for the customer portal.

Are they required?

I would've thought that calls not logged via catalogue items would still show on the portal but even that doesn't happen?

Anny other suggestions?

I'll test setting up a catalogue item to see what happens.



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@clampj I'm pretty sure that catalogue items are required on the customer portal due to the lack of a raise new button. There is a setting in the service manager settings as to whether a catalogue item is required ( servicemanager.progressiveCapture.servicedetails.catalogRequired) but this is off the back of an existing progressive capture, which is always there on the analyst side, but is not there on the self service (customer) side, so I believe that a catalogue item will be required on the customer portal to be able to invoke the relevant progressive capture. 

You will still be able to see the existing requests under the '''All my Requests''' tab though, regardless of service visibility...

Have you looked at the Home -> System -> Manage Portals -> Portal Accounts -> Customer ? The security settings at the bottom in particular, this is what I have in mine: 


It will be something simple, and we will help get it sorted!

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Conor!  Thank you!

I was missing the "Service Manager Authorised Guest" role.  Once applied to the customer portal I'm now seeing what I expected!

Whilst the Wiki and forum are great I cant help feel that it would be even better if there was a check list for things that are required to be in place for certain functionality for example (and the benefit of anyone else that has a similar problem), when setting up access to the customer portal the following needs to be in place/set:

  • A contact that is a member of an organisation that is subscribed to the service(s) in question
  • Set the contact to be able to view all the organisations requests if required (view the organisation then click "Portal Access" from the requests section)
  • Ensure the service has "Portal Visibility" switched on
  • Create catalogue items against the service(s) to allow the logging of requests
  • Ensure the customer portal has the following roles assigned: Hornbill Authorised Guest, Service Manager Authorised Guest

Thanks Again


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