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Archived Team still showing


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We have a queue which we have now stopped using. it is set as below, 


However it still appears in the drop down for team assignment. we dont use supporting teams so I am unsure where else this could be still set.

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5 hours ago, Kelvin said:

We have a queue which we have now stopped using.

@Kelvin may I ask how you have "stopped using" it? From the screenshot you posted it looks like you suggest that you tried to do this by disabling "Allow Task Assignment"? If my assumption is correct then there is a misunderstanding here... disabling "Allow Task Assignment" does not mean the team will not be available in the assignment drop down list... You can do this however from the Service Desk configuration (edit the team):


You can disable assignment for all members in the team one by one or using the "Disable All" button.

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@Victor So far I have removed the organisation from everyones users profile and then disabling "Allow Task Assignment"

If I look at the Service Desk page for this team the tick and cross are greyed out


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@Kelvin right, I had a more thorough look into the issue, the data behind team configuration for service desk assignment seems to be a bit messed up :( ... This could be due to a defect that I think I identified, which I need to investigate separately... I will have a look and see if I can fix the team assignment data... 

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@Kelvin right, I managed to sort out the data in team assignment configuration records, all should be fine there now. I also raised some scenarios with our dev team that they need to fix in this area. The main issue that will be fixed is that empty teams (teams that in organisation structure do not have any users associated to them) appear in the assignment drop down list when assigning request.

There are some workarounds implemented and some follow up regarding the records I fixed for team assignment configuration, I will give you this infor via a PM.

TL;DR - Empty teams no longer available for selection in your instance ;) 

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Hi @Victor

Did this ever go any further with the dev team?  I have the same issue, I have disabled assignment for all members of the team but I can still assign to the team itself.

You mentioned a workaround in your reply to Kelvin, is that still relevant?

Any help would be appreciated



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