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Best way to deal with authorisers

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

What is the best way to deal with authorisers? I have assigned collaboration licences to approx 180 users to allow them to authorise on certain requests. 

Do they all need to be added as supporting members to see tickets they have been asked to authorise? I had a user that is an authoriser (for testing) and couldn't get anything to work unless they were a member of a supporting team but this seems like a poor way of managing, especially as authorisers are added via variable and therefore I dont know who will be needed. 

Do I add them all to a group and then add said group to all services as supporting members or is there a better way? 


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@Dan Munns Collaboration subscribers would not have access to Service Manager requests, they would need a Service Manager Subscription for that.  For approvals they will have access to the approval tasks only.

In order to provide Context to what they are being asked to authorise, i can suggest injecting request data into the approval task details.  

This way when they receive the approval notification they will have the key information in the approval task to allow them to make a decision.


Returning something like this


These can then be picked up via the user app, mobile app or use the voting buttons on the notification emails 

Hope that helps 



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@Steven Boardman the issue I have is that they need to approve Marketing material which is attached to the request. 

The old system of working was using Sharepoint where the authorisers could follow a link to the documents held on a network share and review and approve / reject as necessary.

As I am trying to move teams / departments away from Sharepoint as a service tool I need a way of the authorisers seeing the actual documents without emails / network storage etc. Plus the fact that the marketing folder on the network share is multiple folders deep and a nightmare to manage (so they will soon not be able to use it in its current form due to internal changes to the network shares)

I did look at document manager but the amount of changes to a document (which they need visibility of all versions) and the amount of documents per request made it unreasonable to manage. 

If I add a user to a group and then add that group to the supporting teams list, with the only difference in roles being a collaboration licence, they can view the attachments as required and then approve / reject.  

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@Dan Munns

Collaboration/Process users do not have any access to Service Manager requests I am afraid. 

I would suggest using Document Manager for this is probably the only way that will work - put the content in there and include a link to the document in the task/authorization, you should be able to share the documents with a library, which is shared with the group of users that will authorize. 


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