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Issue with Login to Customer Portal


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Hi, I am about to go live with our first form on the customer portal on Monday and I have therefore set up a number of contacts under an organisation called Waltham Forest Services Ltd and given them a Login ID and Password.  These were working ok last week but yesterday and today I can't access the portal using any of these, I get the following error message.  Please advise what this might be?

Thanks, Sam



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2 minutes ago, SJEaton said:

Yea that's where I have then set up.

If you associate a contact to a portal from "Guest Accounts" interface it should then appear in "Portal Accounts" interface... if it doesn't, then that's a defect... :unsure:

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Well it looks like their access is ok now (not sure if there was a defect or not?)

Another question, if you want to pull in their name as a variable in an email what do you use?  Custom Coworker Firstname doesnt seem to be working??

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