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Variable Picker won't let me choose 'All'

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I'm using the variable picker (and yes, it takes ages for me too), to put into a custom expression. custom.png.c83047882eef8b93d75e02cedcbb2e2a.png

There is no tree under 'Custom PCF (All)' and I'm a bit mystified where it gets '134 most recently created, by title from' - I'd hazard a guess that is the number of PCF's that exist in our system.

If that's the case I'm wondering what's going to happen to my variable if I create another item, and there are '135' will it stop working.

I'd like to select 'All' to be on the safe side.

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Hi Claire,

This will be fixed in next build (so expect it live on Monday). Have also fixed the time it takes to load the variable picker.

So until Monday just use the Most recently Created list will display all you available PCF flows. Nothing will break and nothing will need to be "redone" after the fix.


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