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Adding Custom Logo to Services

Joshua T M

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Hi All,


We are currently looking to implement our own company branding to each service we provide via the customer and service portal, as it stands we are only able to display predefined logo's from a drop down list as per my screenshot.

Can you please let me know if there is some other way for us to upload a logo or if this has been requested previously? (I cannot find anything immediately on a quick search of the forums).


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@Joshua T M the Service Icons list is fixed and we use the Font Awesome libraries - we update these to increase the number of available icons on a regular basis, and we will be updating the icon picker in the services to match those currently available in the admin console which uses the latest font awesome icons which does include 400+ brands logos, albeit it is not possible for us to influence which brands are available in the font awesome library, but as the 400+ ones that are there that might be an option via font awesome themselves to get into the font awesome library.


Obviously you can brand the portals themselves with your own logo, under manage portals:


and if you wanted to you could also include your logo's / images inside the actual progressive captures which sit in the services and behind the catalog items using wiki markup in labels:


Giving you your own branding instead of the default Hornbill logo.


But not on the service / catalog items i'm afraid.





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@Steven Boardman,


Thank you for letting us know these options exist! You are quite right that the logo's displayed from the Font Awesome libraries will work 99% of the time in the majority of instances however we were hoping to manually add our own logo to the service so the first thing our customers see is the individual product branding.

Either way thank you for the response, we will look into seeing if we can have our product logo's added to the library.

Joshua Mordecai

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