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Found 12 results

  1. Can we raise an enhancement request for the 'Select Identity provider' screen when using multiple SSO method to allow the setting of a custom logo rather than the Hornbill one, much like has been done for the portal login screen. Cheers Martyn
  2. So I was wondering why in the email templates the custom fields only go up to 30 and don't go up to and including custom 40?
  3. At Insights19 I saw a progressive capture form that included a greeting to the customer using their name. This was a nice touch, but I'd like to push it a bit further. I want to build a form that shows the following customer details on the form when they log the request: Telephone number Mobile Number Site Manager Organisations they belong to Other fields like Custom Attributes? Is any of this possible please?
  4. We are trying to find a way to map a simple list to a custom field, we have a bespoke list for Problem Priority's and want to display these in the description section of the request so that we can alter this via a drop-down list.
  5. Would it be possible for either of these ideas to be investigated: To be able to add a custom field to the request list e.g. for changes we have the Impact/Risk that is completed and it would be great to show these in the request list The possibility of having custom request lists per request type as for different requests we focus on different things When using a View if you choose the request type by clicking on the Incident, Service Request etc icon it defaults back to you default View and not the one that you have selected.
  6. I have turned on the feature (experimental.feature.bpm.allowcustomtaskfields) and have created some custom fields within a task but when we view the task they are not showing. When we view the task there are no custom fields being displayed. Is there a setting that turns on enhanced tasks, or is there a setting that we have missed? Thanks in advance Jeremy
  7. Hi All, We are currently looking to implement our own company branding to each service we provide via the customer and service portal, as it stands we are only able to display predefined logo's from a drop down list as per my screenshot. Can you please let me know if there is some other way for us to upload a logo or if this has been requested previously? (I cannot find anything immediately on a quick search of the forums).
  8. Hello. We are looking to import user cost centre's into Service Manager for reporting purposes. Our tech team have this ready to go, and lined it up to populate "customer field attribute 3". I just wanted to check with the experts whether this is best practice or is there a more suitable place to store the info. As in have we missed a "charge centre", "cost centre" type place? MAIL TRAIL: From: Jörg Walther <Joerg.Walther@pressassociation.com> To: Matthew Busfield <matt.busfield@pressassociation.com> Subject: RE: Customer Name Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 11:02:23 +0000 Hi Matt, As discussed just now I can confirm that the Agresso Cost-Centre-Name is now populated in AD as ‘extensionAttribute1’ and will auto-update as part of the daily script. In order to make it available in PASM as you intended I think it prudent to first confirm with Hornbill and Alec that we can implement it this way (using PASM custom field attribute 3). Once that’s confirmed please let me know and I can submit a Change request for amending the existing AD -> PASM daily import. Kind regards, Jörg
  9. Good afternoon, I have a question and I think its more of an enhancement request. When our users create custom views in request lists they want to be able to see every call they have create or at the owner of or customer of. However because you cannot select and/or you can only select the option of raising a custom list as: is the Owner is the Customer is Created by This means they cannot see all of them under one filter I have managed to get around this in the past by turning on app.requests.addColleagueAsMemberWhenRaising Then creating a custom view as is a member e.g. However. If a user is a customer but hasn't raised the call themselves. for example, they have submitted a change request however we do not allow everyone to put these on hornbill only a couple of people control them going onto the system. the user has been added as a customer as they have made the change request BUT because they have not raised it in hornbill they have not been applied to the account as a member either. this means when the check their calls in the customer filters - this request is not showing up, is it possible to put in a And/or decider aswell as the is/is not? I hope this makes sense Hayley.
  10. Guest

    Custom Roles

    Hi I have created a new role (see attached). Also see the roles assigned to user. However on the drop it provides me the option to create a known error but then it says I don't have the permissions. I would rather it not appear in the drop down. Can you help me please. I am not sure where I am going on wrong here Thanks Sonali
  11. Good afternoon, One of our users is trying to set up a custom view for their requests. It has been set up correctly as far as I can tell, however it is not reporting any accounts and he does have calls. Any ideas?
  12. At the moment you have to use a 'Measure' as the source of the data for the Target Counter Widget in Advances Analytics. Though you can set the Widget to refresh as fast as every minute, the measure you have to use as the source can only be updated as frequently as each day. It would be useful to be able to use custom SQL query with the Target Counter Widget, so allowing you to use these more in real time. The example we wanted to use was for a 'System Health' dashboard which would pick up in near real time requests which are unassigned, requests at New status and not picked up within x minutes etc. Cheers Martyn
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