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  1. +1 to this issue. Can you please let me know when this has been resolved?
  2. Also a similar issue, I beleive this is related to other "Visability" issues from this mornings update.
  3. +1 Still an issue here. Reloaded application cache also.
  4. Thank you Keith, I'll make our support team and the customer aware.
  5. Keith, Thanks again for looking into this so promptly. I understand how frustrating such an isolated issue can be.
  6. Hi Keith, Unfortunately not as below - X Status: Pending Recipient Id: 198678 Retry Count: 1 Date Log Entry 2021-04-15 08:43:19 Originating domain: X 2021-04-15 08:43:19 Originating address: X 2021-04-15 08:43:19 Performing SPF check on domain. OrigDom=hornbill.com, OrgPre=_spf, ReqInc=true 2021-04-15 08:43:19 Delivery using DNS/direct message routing 2021-04-15 08:43:19 Target
  7. Thanks Keith, Can you please confirm this is still the case, our customer has responded to this saying "changes have been made" by Trustwave. When I run the -starttls command it completes and returns almost immediately from my local machine. From our Microsoft 365 platform the handshake completes within two seconds. Are you able to provide logs via a DM to display the Hornbill SMTP client time out so we can forward this on to the customer and Trustwave. Josh M
  8. Hi All, Since Build 2126 smGetRequests no longer returns custom fields, org name and ID or customer name and ID. Can you please confirm why this has occured and what we can do to resolve it? All that is now being returned is the below - "<?xml version=""1.0"" encoding=""utf-8""?> <methodCallResult status=""ok""> <params> <requests>{""row"":[]}</requests> <count>15</count> </params> <flowCodeDebugState> <executionId>298ea10c-d1ad-46ce-a646-2b91b709db1d</executionId>
  9. Hi @Deen, Thanks for the response! We are using the Direct Outbound configuration, which (as far as I'm aware) I am unable to set the type of encryption used as it attempts to negotiate automatically. The below is an excerpt from the Outbound Mail Profile configuration page - "When email is delivered using the Direct Outbound method, our servers will negotiate the highest level of transport encryption supported by the remote SMTP server. This is completely automatic and is negotiated each and every time a new SMTP connection is made. For more info
  10. Hi All, We are currently experiancing an issue when attempting to send emails from hornbill service manager to a specific customers domain. The emails become stuck in the service manager outbox and remain there for all 10 re-attempts. We do not experiance this issue when sending from our Microsoft 365 Exchange platform to which the outbound relay connects. According to the customer, they do not receive any notification of an email attempt being made. Please find an excert from one of the attempted sends below. 2020-11-24 13:33:05 Unable to co
  11. Thanks Steve, Not relevant as I cannot update the SPF record for live.hornbill.com. We already have our Direct Outbound domain configured for "strumis.com". Apparently we need to have live.hornbill.com avaliable as an outbound mail route to enable report and password reset emails to be sent? Please read the opening post on the issue we are trying to resolved. Happy for any advice.
  12. If only it were that simple... As below - SPF Check Fail SPF CHECK FAILED: Unable to locate any SPF record for domain: live.hornbill.com No TXT v=spf1.. record found, querying for DNS SPF record SPF CHECK FAILED: No SPF record found for: live.hornbill.com
  13. @Martyn Houghton, Thanks Martin, it's as I suspected. I'll get a hold of Hornbill support. Thanks again for your response! Josh M
  14. Hi All, We have an issue where when a customer requests a password reset via the self-service portal an email is not sent to them. The error they receive is - Operation[mail::directMessageSend] The domain specified in the originator recipient [live.hornbill.com] is not configured on this system for sending - Is this related to not having the default live.hornbill.com Outbound mail profile configured? Is it possible to change the originator to use our own domain? Sorry, I've not had much luck browsing through the documentation. Josh M
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