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How to increase max row limit in reports


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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a report that will allow me to perform trend analysis on the common request profiles of logged incidents and the type of logged service requests. The idea is to then proactively raise problem/known error records  and FAQs for reoccurring incidents and service requests in attempt to reduce the request volumes. Initially I'd like to report on all requests that have been logged in Hornbill (we only went live in Feb so total will be approx. 3000), however I notice there's a row limit of 500. The wiki mentions this setting, however I cannot find where it is applied, please could someone advise? I've attached the report definition for reference:



When creating reports, the max row limit is set by default on instances to 1000, this can be increased to a maximum of 25000 rows using the following setting:




If possible I'd also like a summary bar chart that shows the top 10 most common request profiles. Again if possible, it'd be useful for this report to be interactive so I can drill down into the results and actually review the requests.

Thanks in advance.


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