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Martyn Houghton

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@Martyn Houghton,

The way it works (at the moment, I'm thinking on changing this as it is not very escalable) is:

Each area (like task, incident, email...) can be linked to a default category. So, if user 1 has visibility to categories A, B and C, if he accesses for example Email, the default category for email will be selected automatically. If user 2 has the categories D, E and F, he will have another default category for Email. But if user D has categories A and D and both are default to Email, then the 1st one will be taken.

You see that is not very good for large organisations with many teams. I will have to think on a better solution for this, but need to still keep things simple. That's a challenge. 


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@Martyn Houghton, yes, here it gets tricky, the best way is to have the manager of each servicedesk to set the default categories. That way that person will only see the categories he is supposed to see.

Now, if you want to configure it in advance for these service desks then you will need to give yourself access to these categories so that you can select these in the  actual area (not in the defaults view). you will need to go the individual areas (like request) and set the defaults in there. After that you should remove yourself from these categories sharing otherwise it will pick up the first default category it finds for you and that will be a mess. 

Hope I wrote it clear.



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