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Found 13 results

  1. Is there a way to mark a team as the default team in Service Manager? We have people that are in several teams and when assigning automatically etc it assigns to the team that is higher alphabetically and we would like to choose a default team and then have the requests default to being assigned there. Hope that this make sense?
  2. There appears to be an issue when using the Progressive Capture Data Picker in the Employee Portal, when set to default value to current date & time. The value appears in the UI as expected, but if you do not alter the value this is not saved in the questions answers. Question section. This behaviour is only replicable in the Employee Portal and works as expected in the Live user app. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hi, At the moment, when we get to the Select Site page of the progressive capture the default tab is the "Customer Sites" tab. As we do not associate our customers with a particular site as they are likely to move between sites, is is possible to change the settings for this window so that "All Sites" is the default tab? I have had a look through the settings but cannot find anything that seems to relate to this. Thank your for any assistance you can provide. Graham Abraham
  4. @AlexTumber There does not appear to be a default timesheet category for the 'Link Document' action in Service Manager, nor does it inherit from any other default. Therefore in order to record time you have to manually set a category. Cheers Martyn
  5. Where can i change the default so that when we click on the email icon, i dont need to keep changing the size and font every time?
  6. We currently have the setting for the email composer set as: If we change this to 'message text' this will default all users to that setting, our question is do analysts need to login for this to take effect? The reason we ask is that we have found people using the 'template' view and sending emails that are not formatted correctly so wanted to change the default to be the message box. Our plan was to change this to message text then wait a few hours then change back to analyst setting hoping that the default will then be set to the message box and if people really need the template view they can then switch back to that specific one. Would this work?
  7. Hi We have several mailboxes set up on our instance with identically configured mailbox roles for each one. in the last couple of weeks we've discovered that if we have the mailbox role Mailbox - BusinessHub on our list of user account roles, whenever we reply to an email it will default to that email address as the sending address irrespective of what mailbox it was sent to. Eg. Email sent to Service Desk. I reply to the email and it shows the sending account as being Business Hub instead of Service Desk. We can manually change this of course, but surely we shouldn't have to. Please advise why this is happening. It looks like there is a default email setting somewhere that automatically chooses a set account to reply with rather than using the account the email was sent to.
  8. @Daniel Dekel Revisiting our timesheet categories following my post from a beginning of last year, I now have a number of different Service Desks and need to set different Default Catagories for each desk. How do I share different sets of default catagories? Cheers Martyn
  9. We have now rolled out the use of Sub Statuses on our services, but now have the transition period where we have global sub statuses applying to all requests, but a mixture of workflows, i.e. request logged prior to rolling this out still have workflow which are not sub status aware so only set the primary parent status values. This causes a problem as we have request being put On-Hold via the BPM, but have a sub-status of Pending, which is a sub status of Open not On-Hold. In order to then be able to 'resume' the request via the user app, we have change the sub status another sub-status value and then back to our standard Open Sub-Status of 'Pending'. Also the incorrect sub-status value causes confusion when being displayed in the Request List and in the Customer Portal. It would help with the transition if the BPM Status Update node had the ability to set a default 'On-Hold' and 'Open' sub-status when one is not specified in the BPM node. Cheers Martyn
  10. We are just looking at testing Timesheet Manager in conjunction with Service Manager. Is there a way to set a default category and sub category on an activity within the BPM, so that the end user does not need to click on the timesheet category button unless they need to override it? Cheers Martyn
  11. At the moment when operating with multiple shared mailboxs, i.e. we have analyst working in multiple teams, supporting different desks, it is not possible to specify a default mailbox to be used when responding by email from a request. It would be really useful to specify a default shared mailbox against each service which is then picked up when the email option is used in the service. If then at least a default mailbox per analyst. Cheers Martyn
  12. Good Morning all, We are running into an issue regarding marking time logged against tickets as billable or not billable. Would it be possible to change the default categories under which a certain action is logged based on the service a request has been logged against, or add an easy way to mark this time as billable? Some of our services are time billable by default, and some are not. Right now we are using a default subcategory called 'Ticket Update' for all time logged against a request. This does not distinguish between billable and not billable time. Because of this we created a second subcategory called 'Ticket Update Billable' for all billable time. Whenever our agents are logging time against a ticket logged against a service whose time is billable our agents would have to constantly change to the second subcategory. This small extra step is easy to forget and when forgotten will cost the organisation money. I look forward to hearing from you, Alex
  13. At the moment when you first log into Hornbill the search entity type defaults to 'Workspaces', it would be eally useful for this to be a configurable default on a per user basis to different entity type, such as Requests. Cheers Martyn
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