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Change Sub Status from Email Update

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


Does anyone have a step by step guide to what needs to be done for a ticket to have it's sub status changed after an update from the Portal or by email please?

I have a test service set up, which has an On-Hold sub status set, and an Active sub status set, I have a BPM which puts the ticket on-hold and then suspends awaiting a ticket update. However I can't get the ticket to move forward when the ticket is either updated via email or through the Portal.

I'm sure I'm just missing a step somewhere...but I can't find a 'step by step ' how-to anywhere.

Any ideas please?



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@Paul Alexander

The trick is that both the sub-status that the request is currently set to and the one you want it to go to need to have the automatic switch (slider) turned on. Then in the Service you need to set the Sub Status you want to change to in the first setting 'Om Customer Response change Sub-status to...'.


Example settings in the Admin>Service Manager> Configuration> Request Sub Statuses





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Hi Paul 

There are a few bits to consider here, the following wiki page gives you some pointers:


In particular the following:


Perhaps check the above system settings to make sure these are on?

If you have configured service specific sub-status logic, then ensure you have a sub-status configured to change to on customer response and that it's slider is set to on (if this is a global one as below, you will need to change the slider via the global sub status settings in the admin console)


Hope that helps




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