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Assets with incorrect Types

Steve Giller

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Somehow (well, I know how but I'm not pointing fingers!) we have a number of assets that have been entered into the system under the incorrect type: specifically tablets that have been entered as Mobile Devices, but identify within SCCM as Laptops

Is there an easy way to rectify this, as they can not now update because the import is trying to put laptop data into the mobile device extended table which cannot be done for obvious reasons.

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Hi @DeadMeatGF

when an asset is created, there are 2 tables that get: populated h_cmdb_assets and h_cmdb_asset_<CLASS>.

To rectify the assets entered under the incorrect type would require deleting the records from h_cmdb_asset_mobile_device, add the appropriate records to h_cmdb_asset_computer, and then update h_cmdb_assets to  update the class, the type id and the foreign key to h_cmdb_asset_computer. 

In theory its possible, but its a bit risky and easy to make mistakes.  

If the assets have been added through an import tool, it would be easier to delete them and add back in with the correct type? 








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I'm looking at the table - if I create a new entry for Tablet as a subclass of Computer (instead of Mobile Device) then update h_class to 'computer' and h_type to the new type value in h_cmdb_assets will the next import then populate the required data in h_cmdb_assets_computer?
If so, the cleanup would be to delete entries in h_cmdb_assets_mobile_device where h_type = 14 (the Tablet type ID)
Should that be sufficient to correct things?


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In order to update the assets you need:

1. in h_cmdb_assets : update h_class and h_type

2. in h_cmdb_asset_computer you need to add h_pk_asset_id (the same ID as the asset), h_name (the name of the asset as in h_cmdb_asset), h_type.

Not sure if the cleanup tool will remove the entries in h_cmdb_assets_mobile_device, as the type and the asset he refers to will be still there.


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