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Profiles - can we mark them as archived?


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Hi Tina,

There isn't anything there at the moment for hiding the request and closure profiles.  Is there a reason behind hiding rather than removing?  Are you looking for some of these to be visible on some requests but not others?

There is the option on each Service that lets you specify a starting point on the profile tree.  Would it help by limiting this and making sure that support staff don't see branches that are higher up the tree?



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@Tina.Lapere when you add a category to a request this category is written to the request table and you will still be able to report on the request table and the values held in the category column.

What you would need to consider is that if you do delete this that it will no longer appear in the category tree on old requests, so you would not be able to go back to old requests and change them to anything you have deleted. 

Hope that helps 


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