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How do I increase the number of rows / results in a report


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@Catherine @Dan Munns I would advise being careful with changing this setting... I mean is ok to change it for a report for example but I would suggest to revert it back to the default value once the report is complete... This setting governs all the queries executed in an instance.. increase this and busy instances might find they experience performance issues because queries are now returning a much larger result set...

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Hi @dan

You are right that in many areas like with standard searches, paging is put in place to manage performance issues caused by returning too many results.  Extending this value does give way to other reports causing performance issues, or possibly where APIs have been used to interact with Hornbill.   I would also suggest that upping this value on the api.xmlmc.queryExec.maxResultsAllowed setting should be done with caution and keep an eye open for performance issues and adjust the number accordingly.


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