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  1. Thanks, we did try a refresh earlier but it wasn't showing It is now though... weired
  2. Once you've created the new closure category do you need to apply it? We can't see it in the list
  3. Yes, as per above when I preview my report I can see the date logged for each record, but when I export it to CSV the date field in blank Also If anyone could let me know how to increase the max number of records in my report too that'd be great
  4. I wish I'd seen this earlier, Ive been deleting my reports thinking that I'd created an error withing them
  5. Hi Could anyone remind me how to increase the number of results in my reports? It's currently stopping at 1000 Thank you
  6. Thank you Ralf Peters that has worked I can see the missing incidents now
  7. We generally struggle to find customers incidents if they don't have the call number. It has been suggested that we use the view function and the add a view for all calls for *username* where the customer name is the name you need to find I have instances where this doesn't work either and we can't locate the users calls. Whilst no calls are displayed for the customer we can find the incident, if they have the number Does anyone have a solution? clearly the the search / view facility doesn't work for us. It's quite frustrating
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