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Decision node to update summary based on catalog item id


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We have a workflow set up which automatically populates the summary/description text based on the progressive capture answers. There is a decision node beforehand which tailors the text based on which catalog item is used. This was configured by Hornbill to query the catalog item ID number and the existing process is working successfully.

I've created v2 of this process as I would like to append additional text in the summary field but for some reason it no longer finds a match at the decision node even though I haven't touched this element and the progressive captures themselves haven't changed.

Any thoughts as to why this would stop working?

Many thanks,




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Hi @ljbrown,

I run a test, trying to update a pre-existing BPM with a similar decision node, and its still working. 
As far as I can see from your screenshot, if the condition is met then the workflow updates summary and description.

Couldn't be that the condition is met but for some reason the node is unable to apply the updates?

Can you provide more info on how you changed that block  and what you're trying to set in summary and description?  Ideally I would create a node similar to yours and try to replicate the  issue.




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Hi  @ljbrown

As a small test for us, could you take a copy of your original (v1) process again, and not make any changes at all - simply link it to a catalog item and raise a request against it - and let us know if you have the same issue?

If you don't experience any problems after this, could you then make a small minor change to your copied process (e.g. moving a node), saving and publishing and trying again? I just want to rule out any problem with the copy of the original process and if this could be affecting the details that are being returned in your "Get Request Information"

Kind Regards


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Thanks for the suggestion Bob, I've done exactly that and it does indeed seem to be the copy process which causes it to fail and no longer match the catalog item. Can I base the decision on a different field other than catalog item ID? To be honest I don't know how to identify what the ID should be as this was configured by Daniel.

Thanks, Lucy

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Hi Lucy,

 its great to hear that you have managed to get this working using a different variable in your custom expression, however if the BPM is no longer able to evaluate the Catalog id then this sounds like an issue that our Support team should look into.

As your organisation has purchased the Hornbill Premier Success Plan, I would advise logging a request with our Support team via our web form: https://www.hornbill.com/support/ . If you could download and attach the original BPM definition that will help them investigate further.



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Apologies for not seeing your post sooner @Bob Dickinson, instead of the custom expression making the decision on the catalog item id number (which I don't know how to find these out anyway as they were configured by Dan Riley), I simply amended the decision node to query on catalog item instead and pasted the title of these into the custom expression.



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