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Log Export - Filter option and expand

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In the Admin tool under Monitor>Log Files, would it be possible for the filters selected at the top of the screen to be applied to the log download option, i.e. so it is possible to say to export just the security and critical ones?

Also, would it be possible to have the option to expand the whole log file when you have filters applied in the UI, rather than having to repeatedly click on load more?



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@Martyn Houghton

At the moment this is not currently possible, there are planned changes to the way logging works as a whole although i cannot give a realistic time frame for this changes. I do believe the changes will remove the ability to download the log file as the logs will no longer be stored in a file, with this in mind can i ask what information you are trying to get from the logs as a file?

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick  

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