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What is the idea behind the document tab?


I personally find it extremely counter productive having to exit the project to upload a document, then having to go back to my project and link it... That's not even mentioning how complicated it will be to maintain some sort of order in the documents library itself...

My suggestion? Make a UI bridge between the 2 apps with semi-automation so that the user can upload directly a file from the project's screen, with the appropriate information (tags, etc...) and the document gets saved in the document library under the project name library (semi-automation with creation of library if it does not exist).

I am not really a big fan of the document manager in the first place, but what is available in Project Manager is really not great in my modest, personal opinion. Something would need to change for us to adopt this app as our Project Management tool.

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@Lyonel thanks for you post.


For the initial release, we wanted the ability to be able to link documents that are already in your document management library to a project. As we go forward, we should see some big changes in this area as you're right, it's not convenient to upload in one place and then have to come back somewhere else to link.



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@m.vandun that table's rights are associated to a role(s) in the Document Manager application. You should only see the Documents tab within a Project if you have rights to the Document Manager app.  For the user that you are logged in as, which roles do they have that belong to Document Manager? All users of Document Manager should be granted the role 'MyLibrary User'.



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On 10/13/2017 at 4:13 PM, Lyonel said:

Definitely confusing having attachments and Documents (for Projects)... Thanks for taking this on board :) 


@Lyonel I tend to disagree on the need for both. We would likely add attachments, not link documents (as we don't currently use the document manager). Whereas it sounds like others would have a preference to use document manager. I see no harm in having both options.





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