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Workspace Scope - Need something between Public and Secret

Martyn Houghton

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As we widen the use of Hornbill to be used by multiple services, it has highlighted the need to have some form a scope on Workspaces, akin to the security model for requests/services.

At the moment a Workspace can by Public (Open) or Secret, but as you add more teams and service desks into the platform, Public Workspaces can become quite cumbersome, given that the content of some of these workspaces will be specific to certain teams/service desks. This also means that searching workspaces can become an issue to the potential matches which are not applicable to a certain team/service desk.

In essence what we would envisage is a middle setting, where a Workspace can be Public for a member to join and search but is applicable to only certain teams/service desk. This way you can still have global Public Workspaces everyone can see, team/service desk associated ones and the secret ones.

This way it will make Workspaces more manageable and scalable.



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@Daniel Dekel + 1! I am hitting the same issues as @Martyn Houghton at the moment. So any change would be welcomed! The simple fact that work spaces are getting used is a massive achievement on its own. And I hate losing momentum because of clarity / visibility. Btw, I need a t-shirt like @Martyn Houghton that says "Is it on the workspace?" :) Where can I get one ?!

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