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Search capability in Service Portal is restricted to one word quireies

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When searching for terms of more than one word in the search function in Service Portal, only 100 % matches are returned. This means that the search functionality is practically restricted to one word queries and almost useless. This needs to be improved to make sure that end users serve themselves and work loads are shifted to the left. This applies to known errors, catalog items and FAQs/Knowledge.

Example: If you have a catalog item named "apple cake", this item will not be found if you search for "apple tart", even though apple is a match. A search like "apple crumble cake" or "cake apple" will not get a match either.


- the search functionality should have a built in OR-functionality
- results should be listed sorted on relevance to all words that are matched, and also similar words
- in the future there should also be type-ahead functionality to help guide the users get results, but this is not critical 

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Hi @Henrik Brattlie, Manag-E,

we are working on expanding the search functionality to take in account multiple words; the related results will be displayed by relevance, the ones including all the keywords being displayed first.  This will be true for all the entities returned by the search , i.e. Requests, Published Requests, Catalogs and FAQs.

The update will be available in one on the next SM releases




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