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  1. This thread is due for a bump. The requested functionality seems to be available in almost every ITSM solution available, and hopefully it will soon be available in Hornbill as well.
  2. When a end user is crating a request from Service Portal with a progressive capture that allows an Asset to be selected, the end user can search all assets. There is no way to restrict which assets can be searched, as far as we can tell. We consider this to be a security issue, and will have to disable the possibility for end users to pick assets when registering requests. Furthermore, this might be considered a security issue also for agents. There should be ways of restricting which agents can see which assets.
  3. Hello Hornbill-team! Any news on implementing CTI? We would also like to see exactly what @Martyn Houghton is describing: /Henrik
  4. When searching for terms of more than one word in the search function in Service Portal, only 100 % matches are returned. This means that the search functionality is practically restricted to one word queries and almost useless. This needs to be improved to make sure that end users serve themselves and work loads are shifted to the left. This applies to known errors, catalog items and FAQs/Knowledge. Example: If you have a catalog item named "apple cake", this item will not be found if you search for "apple tart", even though apple is a match. A search like "apple crumble cake" or "cake a
  5. This new knowledge feature is more than welcome and we like it a lot! A huzzah, is in order! It is really good that we get suggestions from both Known Errors and FAQs. We also appreciate the fact that when you browse a solution, with pictures and all, you are still within the context of your request. This is truly helpful for the agent. However there are two severe issues as far as I can tell. Issue 1: videos does not show for the agent: You have to know what is in this FAQ document to be able to use it, or you would have to log in to the service portal to view it. Issue 2
  6. Could we please have a sorting functionality implemented for Reqeusts in the mobile app? The filtering is good. With different request types and predefined views (association). But a button to reverse the sorting would be really nice. I don't see a way of sorting from newest to oldest in todays app.
  7. It would be very helpful if images could be pasted into the description/summary-field while logging tickets from the service portal. It would be nice to have the same feature for agents as well, especially when accessing callers screens remotely. I guess this is not supported in any of the fields in progressive capture. The images should stay inline with the text in the request timeline. This would make the "forget about email, use the portal"-argument even more likely to succeed.
  8. Would it be possible to provide functionality for uploading a logo in stead of providing a link? In the same way as you can do with Bulletins/Banners.
  9. Hello @Gerry, Any news on this meeting? Are we still saving the 28th of June? The link you posted 20th April is not for the announcements forum. I can't find any information in Announcements either.
  10. We are interested in contributing, and hopefully we can bring some of our Scandinavian customers to the events as well.
  11. We would like to have the ability to trigger the raising of new requests from incoming calls from external telephony systems. When a call is received by the service desk telephony system, the system should be able to raise a request for the operator who accepts that call on his or her soft phone or phone application. The callers number should be matched against the customer data in Hornbill to fill in the Customer-field. The external systems could be systems like Trio, Avaya, Asterisk and Skype. A generic CTI is much preferred, but our current requirement is Skype.
  12. Thanks for the update. It looks good! The shortcuts to favorites is a nice touch. Hoping for shortcuts to more stuff. Like refresh current request and save current request.
  13. Could the buttons representing the different request types on the Request list be toggle buttons? It would be cool if it was possible to toggle two or more of the request types. Like if I wanted to see both Problem and Known Error. (Without adding views.) This is a "nice to have"-feature.
  14. As you already know, I'm a big fan of your way of working with themes and continuous deployment, @Gerry. Nontheless, I'd like to know how the theme of operator knowledge is coming along? Will it be a data driven approach, where knowledge is automatically presented to operators based on the tickets they are currently working on?
  15. Working with Hornbill ESM without a mouse/touchpad is a bit hard. Thankfully searching for links, scrolling through them with Enter, selecting with Esc and selecting with Enter works like a charm. Tabs work great in forms, dates can be selected with arrows. That's all good, but there is still room for improvement. Could we please have som keyboard shortcuts? A hot key to select search would be very usefull. Is there one that I can't find? How about J and K to scroll through comments, and L to like? Facebook has some good ones (attached) which can be used for inspiration.
  16. Hello @Adam Haylock and @James Ainsworth. I'd like to bump this thread, as I totally agree with you, that automating the awards based on configurable criteria is the way to go. Ideas for gamification: - it must still be an optional thing, not all customers/environments would embrace the idea - should be available for ESM app as well as for collaboration - optional for users in their settings to hide or show badges - agent badges: calls handled, requests fulfilled, problems resolved etc. Special badges for e.g. closing a ticket during Christmas hollidays? filling in at least o
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