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Multiple Assets linked to Request

Steve Giller

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We have just uncovered a difference between logging and updating calls regarding assets.

When logging a call, you can link a large number of assets, which is great for the one we were doing (vandalism :angry:) but with a similar call that was already logged with a single asset we could only add one more, then it refused to even search for additional assets.

Is there a reason for this difference in behaviour, or is it an oversight?

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I could link two assets - after that the Find Asset box was just a blank text-box, no "Search for assets" hint, and typing into it did not bring up a list of assets to link.

See attachments of a "normal" call with one linked asset, and the newly-logged call with 18.



Screenshot 2017-08-15 09.31.39.png

Screenshot 2017-08-15 09.30.32.png

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This is now fixed and will be considered for the next Service Manager update. We estimate the next update to be available in the week commencing 28th August.



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