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We have business process that we want to send an email based on the priority of the incident, if it's a P1 then email XYZ@123.com,  however I cant seem to be able to get the decision to recognise the fact that a P1 has been selected? I've attached a screen shot of the BPM.


Hopefully its something obvious but any help would be appreciated.



BPM - Email P1.docx

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Thanks Victor,

The 1st automated task in the BP works ok and the initial customer receives the notification of the request being logged, however following the decision node the second email to the manually specified address doesn't send. I even added a second automated task to the to the "no match" branch but that also fails to send an email?



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@David Wilson you're right, sorry, got confused as P1 email also uses "New Request Confirmation" template so I thought is that one... right, so, more thorough look and it seems the BP is actually in suspend state at second node, "Wait for Incident Owner"... if you assign an owner on IN00000098 (which currently doesn't have an owner), does the BP progress to the second email?

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