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Force selection of Catalog Item

Steve Giller

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@Alberto M Just to clarify - are you saying that it does nothing, or that it does nothing if you have a Service with no CIs? Also, where are you seeing this (lack of) behaviour? Is this in the Employee/Service/Analyst/Customer Portal?

I have this set and if I select a Service only, I get this message and the Progressive Capture will not continue:
When I select a CI the Capture will continue as expected.



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@Steve Giller

In this situation, on https://live.hornbill.com/........./request/new/incident , when we have a service that has no incident catalog items, it allows an analyst to raise an incident without catalog item selected by clicking in the "Next" button.

This creates us a problem because we mainly assign teams to requests based on the selected catalog item.


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46 minutes ago, Alberto M said:

Anyway, we don't have catalog items for change requests, but we'd like to force the catalog item to be selected for Incidents and Service Requests.

I believe (although someone from Service Manager may correct me here) that the statement above explains why you're seeing that behaviour, which is kind of what you're saying in your last post.

The easiest way to prevent this is not to have any Services which have no CIs for Incidents and Service Requests - even if there's only one CI it will force the selection.

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