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Additional Conditions on Activities

Darren Rose

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When creating a board for Activities, you cannot add a condition for the Owner, only the assigned to. It would be great if owner could be a condition that could be used. i.e. I may be the owner of an activity, but have assigned it to an analyst. However, when I assign it, I lose visibility of the activity in my board view, which isn't ideal. 

Can Owner be added as a condition? 



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Hi Darren,

We do have a change in our backlog to provide this.  In the mean time you may be able to get the same result by using the condition "Assigned to is not Darren".  

I have a particular list on my Activity Board View to view activities that I have assigned to other users where I am the owner using the following conditions.  


In a way this might even work better than using "Owner" as you will be the owner for all of the activities that you assign to yourself as well.  

Let me know if this helps.


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