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Date Format in Email Templates

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Is it currently possible to change the display format of dates when they are inserted into a email template?

The reason being is that they default to YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, which is not the most human readable format. I would prefer to be able to format them as HH:MM DD/MM/YYYY.


If not possible to do on a template by template format, it would be good to have a system wide setting where you can specify the default format form email templates as a whole.




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@Martyn Houghton indeed, it seems not... 

Did a bit more digging into this... the date/time format for these fields (date/time fields from requests) in email templates will have the format of the date/time set in user profile... for requests it refers to in which user context the email was sent...that will be the user.... Hope this makes sense, been a long day :( 

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