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Saving attachments automatically

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Is there a way to save attachments to a specified location within the Business Process?

We are currently building a Service for our Print Room and documents to be printed are attached to the call. This means that the technicians have to open the call, expand the attachments tab, download the attachment, open the downloads folder then print the document, and do that once for each attachment.
What we would like to be able to do is to wait until an analyst is assigned, then save all of the attachments with a prefix of the Request ID to a specified folder, which will enable the print queue to pick it up automatically.

Is anything like this in the pipeline?

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Given Hornbill is a cloud solution there will be no simple way for our cloud service to access your network. There is nothing built into the platform that would make pushing files to your private LAN possible. What you would need to do is use a combination of a Web Hook, an on-premise web server and some sort of script to call back to the Hornbill instance. I the idea would be, when the web hook fires an event on the appropriate condition, it would make a web call to a script running on your webserver somewhere behind your firewall. The web call would provide you basic information, such as the record ID, you would then call bak into Hornbill using our API's to pull the content (files. data etc) back to your web server and do whatever you need to do locally with that data.  Make sense?


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