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Custom Form won't load


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I have the following simple ProCap so didn't envisage any problems but when the Request type is selected as 'Shopping Cart Approval'  the 'Shopping Cart Details' form won't load.  Usually this is because there is something wrong with the Goto If but I can't see anything wrong in this instance.  What am I missing?  (I did have Never Skip Form as False to start with but this didn't work either)

Thanks Sam


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@SJEaton it is Friday!! Yay! :)

However, even if the ProCap was missing something it shouldn't really behave like this when teh ProCap runs... it should give back some sort of information that it can't progress... I'll run some tests and see if it needs mentioning to our dev team... (perhaps I a missing something that's why)

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In case it helps, on mine I had a single "Question" - read only so it was effectively an information box - but I'd missed out one of the fields (sorry, I forget which one) and it caused the PC to sit with a spinning Hornbill logo until you cancelled.

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