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Searching for old tickets


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Good morning,

We are experiencing an issue searching for older tickets using the search facility. I have just tried running a search for around 10 tickets from October last year and I am getting 0 results. An example would be SR05968. Where would this ticket and all its information have gone? 



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Hi Andy,

 the ticket reference you have provided as an example (SR05968) appears to have fewer zeros than I would expect. I would suggest trying with the full call reference number and see if that returns the result you are expecting.
I find it can be tedious to type in all those zeros every time I need to retrieve a particular request so I tend to use an asterisk like this: SR*5968. The asterisk acts as a wildcard and means that any number of characters or numbers can appear in that location within the search term. It can save time and also allow your search to be broadened.

The asterisk can be used within the search term or at the end of a search term, however we cannot place a wildcard at the beginning.

Hope that helps,

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Hi @DanielRi @ArmandoDM

Unfortunately the asterisk does not seem to be doing the trick either. 

The search facility I am using is the Request search from the main window. Please see screenshot as example. I have tried SR5960, SR05968 and SR*5968.

If I do SR*68 I get 13 results and interestingly all from 2017 and nothing from last year.

Any help would be appreciated.





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Hi @AndyColeman,

the search issue might be due to an outdated index for the entities.

Can you try to re-index the data, through the appropriate page in Admin tool (see screenshot) and try again?

Due to the amount of entities to reindex, the reindexing process may take a while, so Its suggested that you don't start it in working hours. Maybe you may start when you finish working and then try again the search the morning after.




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