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  1. Hi, These are our current settings, looks like nothing is applied. What do we need to do to fix it? Also what are the risks of losing all our existing users? Thanks
  2. Good afternoon, We have noticed that two new starters, since July are not appearing in Hornbill Service Manager. I imagine a link has broken somewhere? Is there anywhere we can check please? We have not had this issue in the last 5 years so unsure where to go to investigate. Thanks, Andy
  3. Thanks James. It is causing a bit of frustration due to the fact we have suddenly lost a lot of visibility for our held tickets.
  4. Good morning, Last night we updated to 1694. Now all our SLA's look a bit odd under the SLT column. Our resolved tickets look breached (showing red in SLT column when they are not breached) when in fact they are not when going in to the 'All services' drop down menu but then when selecting 'all resolved tickets', no colours display under the SLT column. Happy to provide screenshots of how it now looks, don't have any before and after's though I am afraid. Thanks
  5. Good morning, We updated to 1453 this morning and all my team is getting this issue when attempting to take any call off hold. It works after a refresh or two.
  6. Good afternoon, We are currently going through a change of colour scheme and I have been asked if it is possible to change the colours that appear on the writing of our services on the Self Service portal. Please see below for the area I want to be able to change. Is it possible to change these colours to something that is not blue? Thanks, Andy
  7. Good afternoon, I am getting pressure for the SLA report to work as it did previously, is there anything we can do to rectify? I am supposed to get December's report in by today so I am going to have to go through and do a manual report which is obviously time consuming. There are minimal breaches when looking at the monthly SLA dashboard which is the dashboard where I get the data for my report from but if I look back over closed tickets in December there are more breaches than my dashboard demonstrates. Any help would be really appreciated as the report was working great last year. Our 'Total Resolved Between Date Range' still is not working correctly either but that is not as urgent. Where it previously used to show a graph with all our licenced analysts now it just displays a random 10 analysts from a selection of all teams. However it is worth noting that this is also our last months data and it does not match up with the numbers on our SLA dashboard. If you need screenshots sending over please let me know. I have sent the reports over to James previously but I believe it has now been raised with support so if someone from that team could help, that would be great. Thanks all. Andy
  8. Happy New Year both! This has worked fine, thank you for your help! Appreciated.
  9. Good afternoon, We have an email address createincident@ companyname.com that automatically creates an incident for us. This is great especially when we are not in the office, however the default priority is always set to Medium Incident (1 day SLA) . Do you know where in the admin tools I would need to go to change this to Low Incident? My colleague who set this up initially for us is no longer with the firm. Thanks! Andy
  10. Hi, Earlier this year you helped me set up an SLA dashboard showing what calls had been breached and what calls had been resolved in SLA timeframe for each month. This was then the information I would use to write my board report. The logic seems to have altered since the report from last month. The dashboard is set to show 'last months Samples' but it conflicts the data I get if I run the 'Total resolved between date range' report. I have also checked manually for breaches within last month and some of the breaches are not being displayed on the report, I manually counted 5 breaches where the report is only showing 3 for this individual (they were all logged and resolved in November too) . Also the count of jobs resolved for each analyst last month is coming up different to the stats shown in the widgets. Will be doing my board report in the next week so would report assistance on this before then. Thanks Andy
  11. Thanks @Gerry I will keep you posted. It certainly looks to be a problem our end. Thanks for the help.
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