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Asset Manager Validation


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Good afternoon,


It has been highlighted that when uploading assets in the computer system class you have the option to 'Validate' whilst you upload and identify of for example you have already uploaded an asset, Can you confirm why this validate option is not present for all Class types.

We are currently reviewing our assets and have seen lots of duplicate entries on other classes so are trying to find these manually and delete(Any and all advice appreciate), but it would a major benefit if we could have the validation option on all the classes for future uploads.

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Hi @Awalker thanks for the post.

Looking back to when this was originally implemented, we put in place essential data validation to ensure that uploaded data was suitable for use and would prevent errors when viewed within Hornbill.  We then added some additional validation e.g. for "Computer System" where we added fields that we believed may be used for uniqueness, however the list was not meant to be exhaustive as everyone has different requirements so we left it open for feedback.  If you have any examples of fields you may wish to validate on then please feed them back and they can be considered for future changes.

I note that you referred to future uploads, so though it probably best to reiterate that this asset upload facility was designed to be used just for a straightforward initial importing of data where the data is mostly static, so the hope would be that your source data would not contain duplicates when initially uploaded.  We have an additional import utility which is detailed here https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Database_Asset_Import which can be used if you wish to perform updates or more complex imports.




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