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Can I Switch between different BPM's?

Guest Sonali

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Guest Sonali


We are trying to create a BPM for our change process. As part of this we would to switch to another BPM depending on the change type selected. How can I do this?

I don't want to use the HUD to separate this out but would like to create different processes. 

Please can you help me


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Hi Sonali,

 while it is possible to switch between different Progressive Capture flows during the information capture stage of logging a call, with BPM this is not possible.

In relation to change processes, when I implement these I typically include different "paths" within the process to cater for the different change types (Emergency, Normal, and Standard). 
The decision logic to determine which path the process would follow can be facilitated by the "Get Request Details" node and then the Custom expressions would be based on the contents of the "Change Type" field.

I hope that helps,

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Hi @Sonali

I just wanted to update this post as we had recently released the ability to have Catalog Items for a Change .  When configuring a Service, under the Request Configuration you now have the options to define Catalog Items under the Change Request tab.  Each Catalog Item will allow a unique BPM to be associated and used for requests that are created using the catalog item.

I hope that this will help.



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