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Found 10 results

  1. When we have issues with BPMs and we go into them to fix them etc, would it be possible to note which nodes the process has been through? When looking at some of our processes where there are multiple branches and nodes it can be difficult to work out which path the process took and either got stuck or sometimes when testing new processes it would be great to see the path the process took. I know that you can click on a node when designing to see the future possible paths, but wondered if this could be done retrospectively so we can check/view flows? Hope this makes sense....
  2. Hi, We've recently turned on the 'experimental.feature.bpm.allowinstanceediting' setting, which has proved useful for troubleshooting process failures. However, we've tried to use this feature over the last few days and it no longer appears to be able to load the BPM. The above screen sits and tries to load - this happens for all BPM id's. I've even tried turning off the 'experimental.feature.bpm.allowinstanceediting' setting, and then turning it on again, and still no luck. Is there a known issue with this? Is there anything you can advise, as this is a very us
  3. I thought I would post a quick preview of an upcoming feature of our business process tool. We are expanding its capability to include a new "Web Call" node. This new node will enable you to make calls to other systems or cloud services applications via restful API's which significantly expands your options for automation of business processes that need to interact with other systems. My goal as the architect for our platform technology has always been to keep the BPM 100% code free so that process managers do not have to have a programming background in order to make effective use of
  4. Hi, I am currently looking into our incident process in Service Manager. Sometimes, faults need to be referred to third parties. We need to record the reference our third parties give us - I see that there is a "External Ref No." field within the "Details" section, which is editable throughout the incident lifetime. Is there any way that this can be populated automatically? I.e. if an analyst enters the third party ref in the call diary update or via an activity, it automatically enters that same reference within the "External Ref No." field. I have tried adding in a suspend nod
  5. Why do people struggle to follow processes? Many a great manager has asked themselves the time-honored question; How do you make people follow procedures and not miss things?  Having more or less documented the processes, and having put them into your knowledge base tool, and having created internal training courses to make sure everyone is aware of the procedures and so on.  Despite all this effort, still the most basic things get missed. There is no glaring flaw in the process, and it seems random, sometimes its done, sometimes not, and when you ask why (assuming you or someone els
  6. Impact Assessments Capturing the impact of a change, an incident, or any other type of request can be crucial to determining how it is managed.  But how do you decide which impact level to select?   Service Manager provides a great way of automatically determining the impact level to be applied.  Taking the guessing out of the hands of the user, they can be walked through a number of questions where each answer has a weighted value that contributes to the automatic selection of the impact level.  The results of the assessment are captured in the request along with the aut
  7. Hi We are trying to create a BPM for our change process. As part of this we would to switch to another BPM depending on the change type selected. How can I do this? I don't want to use the HUD to separate this out but would like to create different processes. Please can you help me Sonali
  8. Hi, I'm looking to set up our customer portal but I think our standard business process isn't suitable. The first action our business process takes is an automated task to assign the call to the requestor creator. This has been working ok through 'Raise New' and the Service Portal(by users). If we want a Contact to raise the call via the portal though it doesn't like it. They can log in and see the relevant Catelog items. It seems to log ok from their side but isn't created per Bus Process and we see errors when opening the request. The log file errors(attached) seem to point to this
  9. Good morning, I am in the process of creating a new request process for my company, and an error occurred when trialling the process, I can not progress this any further as the process has failed which is fine, but how od i force close the request so it doesnt stay open and show an error in the service portal? At present, the timeline shows the error, but i would like to force this to closed as attached,
  10. Hello, I would like to request the ability to be able to define groups in the Progressive Capture and Business Process Management area. A bit like the "Views" in the "Request List" I would like to be able to define groups based on my criteria, and to have the ability to share it to other administration users. Samuel
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