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Reporting on how many teams have handled a call

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Afternoon all,

I just wondered if there is a way to report on the number of teams that have handled one call?

Say a call went to Service Desk got reassigned to Business Applications then got sent to Application Delivery and finally back to Service Desk. Is there a report that shows this?



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I think the short answer is "No" but no-one really wants to say that.

This was achievable in Supportworks, but it took either some very complicated SQL or some jiggery-pokery with VPME and additional tables.
I imagine this could be replicated with webhooks, but in my opinion you'd need a really strong reason to track this in order to justify the workload required to achieve it.

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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

We do actually store all of this information in a table called "h_itsm_request_team_assignment". From here you can get information on:

Request ID
Current Team ID
Previous Team ID
Current User ID
Previous User ID
Time of reassignment

Kind Regards


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