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Found 5 results

  1. I have written a widget for Aged calls I would like to know the Aged calls for 30-60 days, 60-90 days and 90+ days This is what I have for 30-60: (h_status = 'status.New' OR h_status = 'status.open' OR h_status = 'status.onhold') and h_requesttype = 'incident' and h_datelogged < DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 30 DAY) AND (NOW() - INTERVAL 60 DAY) AND (h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/AV/AVTEAM/' OR h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/SDEP/ENPT/' OR h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/SDEP/SERDSK/') for 60-90: (h_status = 'status.New' OR h_status = 'status.open' OR h_status = 'status.onhold') and h_requesttype = 'incident' and h_datelogged < DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 60 DAY) AND (NOW() - INTERVAL 90 DAY) AND (h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/AV/AVTEAM/' OR h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/SDEP/ENPT/' OR h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/SDEP/SERDSK/') and 90+: (h_status = 'status.New' OR h_status = 'status.open' OR h_status = 'status.onhold') and h_requesttype = 'incident' and h_datelogged < DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 90 DAY) AND (h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/AV/AVTEAM/' OR h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/SDEP/ENPT/' OR h_fk_team_id = 'GOSH/DivFINICT/SubICT/ITSRV/SDEP/SERDSK/') However I am sure that calls are repeating - so calls that are 90 days old are showing up in 30-60 and 60-90 days. I changed the internals to 30-60, 61-9, 91+ but it doesn't seem to have changed anything? are there any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Morning all, I am trying to create a widget to tell me the current calls logged this month so far. so from the 1st nov to current date, I don't want to have to change the query every month to keep up and want it to roll each month. So I have written this (I'm quite new to T-sql so it wont be right!): (h_requesttype = 'Service Request' OR h_requesttype = 'Incident') AND DATE(h_datelogged) BETWEEN dateadd(DAY,-(DATEPART(DAY,GETDATE())-1),GETDATE()) AND GETDATE()) however its not working, is this anywhere near right? Could someone point me in the correct direction with this query, also is there a easier way to do it? Thanks Hayley
  3. Afternoon, We have a 3rd party printer support contract with Xerox, so I have created a BPM and Pro cap that creates a email to Xerox with the iformation they need, Xerox then reply to the email with our reference number in the subject box of the email, these should then pull into the relevant call and update. However they are not doing this... as you can see from the screenshot - the subject clearly has the correct Call ref in it: as you can see from the timeline of the call...no email has pulled in: This is the routing rule I am using: Can anyone advise? Hayley.
  4. Afternoon all, I just wondered if there is a way to report on the number of teams that have handled one call? Say a call went to Service Desk got reassigned to Business Applications then got sent to Application Delivery and finally back to Service Desk. Is there a report that shows this? Thanks Hayley.
  5. Hello, We haven't released the Self Service portal to our customers and are now starting to look at it in more detail... is it possible to have a setting somewhere which allows you to specify a date to hide calls in retrospect of it? This would be the date we would release it to our customers. We are actively looking at improving everything we currently do in preparation for the Self Service Portal so it would be a great help to keep the calls that customers have raised prior to going live hidden from them. These are the calls that would've been raised by email or by calling the Service Desk. Also is it possible to disable the drop down box in the Self Service Portal call list so the customers do not see their closed calls. This may only be temporary but necessary until my colleagues are satisfied with how the portal is configured for the users. Thanks, Samuel
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