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Request List not showing new Service Level

Martyn Houghton

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We are in the process of implementing the new Service Level Management (SLM) feature for all new services we are defining ahead of going back to apply it to our existing catalogue of services. Though we use 'Priority' as part of the rules to determine the initial 'Service Level' applied, you can then once further into the case update the 'Service Level' and it will recalculate the duration/targets which is great. This means the original priority value is somewhat historic and no longer accurate.

On the current 'Request List' you are only able to display the original 'Priority' and the indicator 'SL' field, not the 'Service Level' field which is now the up to date and more relevant field.

Can the 'Service Level' field be added on to the Request List screen as a matter of urgency as not having it available means that analysts and managers are not able to accurate assess and priorities the workload.




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Hi @Martyn Houghton

The Service Level Agreement and Service Level Target Name fields will be added to the Request List column selectors.  We have an update for Service Manager due out in the next few days so it will not make this update i'm afraid, but it will be in the following one which should be in the next two weeks if not sooner. 


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